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ProtectMe by Kidas

We know that keeping your child safe from online predators, scams, and cyberbullying when playing online video games is a parent’s top priority.

Without the right software, it can be extremely difficult to monitor your child’s online safety and to know who your child is interacting with on a daily basis.

With ProtectMe by Kidas, you receive real-time alerts and insights about your child’s gaming activity allowing you to take action sooner against online bullying, potential scammers, and suspicious interactions with strangers.

How it works

Built by leading cyberbullying researchers, privacy experts, and data security engineers,
ProtectMe screens gaming activity when you can’t be there,
keeping your child and family one step further from online predatory behavior.

Download & Install

Download and install the software to your child’s PC to get instantly connected and protected

Receive Alerts

Kidas scans all gaming- related communications in the background and sends alerts to your email if cyberbullying or online predators are detected

Weekly Safety Summaries

Each week you get a full report with your child’s overall threat severity exposure score, a breakdown of all threats detected, and insights to what was played that week and for how long

Monitor your child’s online social gaming habits without disrupting their fun

Stay Informed

Get weekly insights from ProtectMe about your child’s gaming habits and alerts when threats such as cyberbullying, fraud, predatory behavior, and privacy violations are detected.

Respectful Safety Without Sacrificing Fun

Confidently support your child’s love of gaming while respecting their space and without disrupting the game.
Kidas runs silently in the background, sharing only necessary information involving threats that were detected.

The ProtectMe Privacy Promise

The triple encrypted ProtectMe software is only activated during gameplay and complies with strict US privacy regulations to protect your family’s privacy and device data.

Understand your Child’s Online Social Gaming Habits with Ease

Learn more about their gaming habits, what they play, how much, and see how that changes over time.

Quick and Easy to Install

Simply download Kidas software to your child’s PC and get instantly connected to our best-in-class technology

End-to-End Protection

Kidas will monitor and protect all of your child’s in-game conversations

Automated Alerts

When Kidas detects potential threats, you will automatically receive an email notification

Respect for Child’s Privacy

Kidas gives your child space by running silently in the background, sharing only necessary information and alerting parents as potential dangers arise

Military Grade Technology

Kidas technology is developed by former national security technology experts. The technology has been tested against thousands of scenarios to provide your children the best possible protection

Highest Regulatory Standards

Kidas complies with the strictest US privacy regulations, including COPPA and CCPA, and never shares data with third parties. Collected data is encrypted and analyzed on US-based servers

What does your subscription include?

  • 24/7 in-game voice and text monitoring
  • Screen time analytics that provide insight to your child’s gaming time

Alerts of any threat exposures on PC games such as:

  • Flaming
  • Hate Speech
  • Privacy Violations
  • Threatening
  • Sexual Content
  • Personalized recommendations written by Kidas experts on how to resolve dangerous situations when alerted about a threat
  • Peace of mind knowing that your child is protected from bullying, online predators, and harassment by the best-in-class technology and experts

Plans & Pricing

Choose your ProtectMe plan. Protect your child when they play PC games.





Get your first month free.
Then, $5/month billed annually.



Get your first month free.
Then, $6/month.

ProtectMe is loved and
trusted by parents

“As someone who is a father of a former suicide counselor, I had no idea that cyberbullying is that pervasive, I had to learn it from my daughter… I can’t think of a parent who wouldn’t want ProtectMe.”

Jim Cramer, Host of Mad Money on CNBC

“I love that it’s not only looking out for dangers, but also helping me get a better idea of the hours spent gaming and what times of day my kiddo is playing.”

Heather, Mother of 3

“Like many kids his age, my son loves to play video games online. Knowing that the digital world has dangers of its own worries me. Keeping predators away from our son is always priority number one, and with Kidas’ threat analysis of chat rooms and in-game text, I know that we have the best possible defense for our boy. ”

Kelly, Mother of 2

“It frightened me that my usually bright kid gave away sensitive information so easily. I’ve learned that this is the kind of privacy violation that Kidas would have flagged in their weekly report.”

Houston Moms

“Raising kids in a digital age has added more challenges to parenting, and keeping my kids safe online is a full time job in and of itself. In an ever changing digital landscape, I have no choice but to ensure I’m doing everything I can to keep my kids safe online. It’s not a job I can do alone which is why I rely on Kidas.

Savvy Sassy Moms

It’s always difficult bringing up topics like cyberbullying at home. My son knows Kidas is installed and we use it as a conversation starter about bullying, what that is, and how he can be safer online.

Eric, Father of 2

“I trust my son to make the right choices, but with the world we live in anything can happen. Having Kidas was like having a digital partner to keep my son safe.

Ellen Marie, Mother of 2

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