ProtectMe by Kidas

What parents get with ProtectMe by Kidas

Monitor Video Game Chats
ProtectMe scans all of your child’s in-game conversations in over 200 video games

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Weekly Insights into Gaming Behavior
Learn more about what they play, how much, and see how that changes over time

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Real Time Alerts
Get SMS alerts about the most dangerous and immediate threats

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Expert Tips and Recommendations
Get expert recommendations on how to handle threat exposures

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ProtectMe is loved and trusted by parents

We were alerted that our son shared our credit card details with someone while gaming. Without ProtectMe, we wouldn’t have been able to stop the damage before it was too late.
Ben, Dad of 3
I love that it’s not only looking out for dangers, but also helping me get a better idea of the hours spent gaming and what times of day my kiddo is playing.
Heather, @USJapanFam
Keeping predators away from our son is always priority #1 and with Kidas I know that we have the best defense for our boy.
Kelly, Mom of 2
I’ve learned that this is the kind of privacy violation that Kidas would have flagged in their weekly report.
Eric, Father of a 12 and 14 year old
I love ProtectMe! It’s given me peace of mind to know that if anything alarming happens, I will be informed.
Tina, Mom of 2
As a busy mom of 2, ProtectMe has made it easy for me to stay on top of my child’s online gaming activity.
Susan, Mom of 2
I love that ProtectMe covers so many different games, making it a versatile tool for keeping my child safe.
Chin, Mom of 2
ProtectMe’s alerts have helped me address potential online dangers before they become real problems.
Sam, Dad of 3

How it works

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Download & Activate

Download and acivate the software onto your child’s Windows computer

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Receive Alerts

Get notified when danger is detected

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Weekly Reports

Get detailed insights on threat exposures and screen time, along with expert action plans to keep your child safe

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Trusted by experts

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#1 Security Software for Windows Computer Games

  • 24/7 Threat Monitoring
  • Real-Time SMS alert
  • Comprehensive Weekly Reports