What parents are saying about ProtectMe

I’ve learned that I trust my son to make the right choices, but in the world we live in, anything can happen.
Ellen Marie
Mom of 2
I love that it’s not only looking out for dangers, but also helping me get a better idea of the hours spent gaming and what times of day my kiddo is playing.
ProtectMe is a must-have for any parent who has a child who loves gaming!
Mom of 2
My son knows ProtectMe is activated on his computer and we use it as a conversation starter about bullying, what that is, and how he can be safe online.
Dad of 2
ProtectMe has been a game changer for our family. We feel confident that our child is safe while gaming, thanks to their real-time alerts and weekly reports.
Mom of 4
Thanks to ProtectMe, I feel more in control of my child’s online activity and can rest easy knowing their protected from potential dangers.
Mom of 2
ProtectMe has made it easy for me to stay on top of my child’s online activity, even with my busy schedule. I’m so glad we found this software!
Mom of 3
ProtectMe has exceeded my expectations and has truly made a difference in my child’s online safety.
Dad of 1

Monitor over 200 of the most popular online video games and apps.

Try it risk-free for 14 days

Supported only on Windows devices

What parents love about ProtectMe

Better understand risks and threats your children are exposed to 

Confidence that your children are safe playing online

Access to professional tips and advice

Stay in control without over controlling