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Group 8326

Screen Time Monitoring

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Immediate Action Needed

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Action Needed

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Worth Noting

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Nothing Concerning

Severity of Threats

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Group 1


Your child was involved in a conversation about carrying weapons at school. We recommend having a conversation with your child about this.

Group 1

Privacy Violation

Someone asked your child to send them a credit card number. Please speak to your child about which details were shared and with whom. 


Sexual Content

Your child was exposed to sexually aggressive behavior and someone asked your child for an intimate photo/video. We recommend keeping a record of the conversation.

Threats ProtectMe Detects

self harm


Expressing an intention to cause bodily harm towards self



Predators grooming children to gain their trust in order to exploit them

1 financial scams

Financial scams

Phishing for sensitive info (e.g.usernames, passwords, credit card)

1 Group 3901


Bullying or harassment from others they encounter

1 sexual content

Sexual Content

Exposure to obscenity and adult content such as violence, sex, drugs, or alcohol

1 privacy violation

Privacy Violation

Sharing personal information such as their name, age, address, or phone number


The use of sexually explicit content to blackmail and extort children

1 drugs


Engagement in discussions related to possession, purchase, or usage of drugs

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Group 8336
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Group 8333

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