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Keep your child safe with complete insight to
their online gaming interactions

Get a weekly safety summary report from ProtectMe and stay informed on your child’s interactions during online gaming

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How it works

Built by leading cyberbullying researchers, privacy experts, and data security engineers,
ProtectMe screens gaming activity when you can’t be there,
keeping your child and family one step further from online predatory behavior.

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Download and Install the software to your child’s PC to get instantly connected and protected.

Receive Alerts

Our advanced technology will analyze all gaming-related communications and alert you if cyberbullying or online predators are detected

Weekly Safety Summaries

Each week you’ll get a full report with your child’s overall threat severity exposure score, a break down of all threats detected, and gaming time insights

Getting started is easy with our installation guide. Start protecting your child’s gaming PC in just 5 minutes.

Keep your child safe from threats and suspicious interactions online. Get alerts and insights that let you know when it is time to take protective actions.

Examples of threats that ProtectMe’s 24/7 scanning detects


Offensive language or trash talk


Expressing physical voilence towards others and self

Privacy Violation

Personal information being shared or requested

Hate Speech

Abusive language based on prejudice

Sexual content

Obscenity, content with sexual undertones

ProtectMe gives you the insights you need
to feel in control of your child’s safety.

  • Weekly Reports: Each week you will receive a custom report sent directly to your inbox.
  • Report Status: Color coded indicators that give you an instant understanding of the severity level of a safety threat.
  • Threats detected: A detailed view of specific threat types and recommended approaches for dealing with each.
  • Threats not detected: Rest assured knowing precisely what needs your attention and what doesn’t.
  • Best in class data security: ProtectMe uses the best in class data security practices to uphold your privacy to the highest standards
  • Read more about data collected and our privacy and security commitment

Threat Legend: Learn and understand how to interpret each level of alert

  • Green: All good, nothing to see here
  • Yellow: Behavior worth noting that you should be aware of such as age-inappropriate trash talking.
  • Orange: Concerning threats such as bullying that calls for action needed.
  • Red: The most concerning threats such as contact with a pedophile.
  • Screen time insights: Get weekly comparative insights of how many hours your child spent playing games each day to help you understand when to enforce boundaries.
  • Weekly Tips: Get tips from child psychologists, conversation pointers, and educational resources to help your family stay safe online.

All insights are collected with strict adherence to our best in class data security practices to maintain your privacy.
Read more about data collected and our privacy and security commitment here.

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Weekly insights into your child’s gaming
activity in one detailed report

ProtectMe by Kidas sends weekly
reports to your inbox.

Determine the threat
level of the report using
the color coded
Kidas Threat Legend

Red: Immediate Action Needed – These are threats that need to be dealt with immediately such as contact from a predator, extreme privacy violations or threats to cause harm.

Orange: Action Needed – This report indicates concerning threats such as cyberbullying, privacy violations or extreme flaming.

Yellow: Worth Noting – This report indicates threats that you should be aware of. This includes being exposed to flaming, hate speech or sexual content.

Green: Nothing Concerning – No indication of concerning threats found.

Jack’s Weekly Report

Mar 8 – Mar 14

Nothing Concerning

Instantly identify any threats or potentially concerning activity your child has been exposed to

Privacy Violation

Your child was involved in a conversation about a credit card number. Please speak to your child about which details were shared and with whom. We recommend explaining the dangers of speaking with strangers online and sharing private information.

Here’s an article that can be used to explain privacy risks to your child

Sexual Content

Your child spoke inappropriately toward another gamer.

You can read more about sexual insults here

Get custom recommendations on how to handle detected threats

ProtectMe alerts parents about threats and risky privacy behavior that your child was exposed to

Color coded to determine severity.

Use the links in your report for recommendations on how to handle each threat

Expert written recommendations on how to have effective and supportive conversations with your child regarding concerning threats

Note additional
not detected

Each report includes all threats that ProtectMe analyzes data for. Take note of the threats that your child was not exposed to during the reporting period. Rest assured, ProtectMe analyzes for all threats, at all times

Other Threats not detected this week

Hate Speech


Dive into screen time analytics

Use the screen time activity report to understand trends in your child’s gaming behaviors and total screen time.

Article of the Week

Be empowered

With great tips and connect with like-minded parents join our community of parents raising tweens & teens in a digital age.

ProtectMe is
your Gaming Ally

Each report includes an article to help you better understand your child and their passion for gaming, while also sharing inside tips on the games they love most. These resources will help you understand everything from the gaming lingo they use to the in-game currency they love!