Among Us

Recently, teens have been obsessed with playing Among Us on their phones. Despite coming out in 2018, Among Us has only recently become popular. Among Us is a multiplayer game that is similar to Mafia or Werewolf.

In the game, players are on a spaceship. During the game, players are either crewmates or imposters. Once the game starts, the crewmates are assigned simple tasks to carry out on the spacecraft such as connecting wires or shooting down asteroids. The imposters are supposed to sabotage the crewmates and kill the crewmates without any of the crewmates finding out that they are the imposter. The crewmates can call for meetings and discuss who the imposter is and vote to kick out who they think the imposter is.

Typically teens prefer playing the game with their friends, but there are also public games where they can play with other strangers. Each game usually includes 4-10 players. Among Us is also available on computers, but most teens prefer playing the game on their mobile devices. The game is safe for teens to play, as most of them play within their own friend group. Even in public games with strangers, there is very little communication among the players.