Cyberbullying and how to be an upstander

Cyberbullying may not be happening directly to your child, but they may be witnessing it. Teaching your child to be an up-stander is something every child should know how to do. When your child stands by and allows the bullying to happen, they become a part of the bullying. An up-stander is someone who takes action when they witness bullying.

How to be an up-stander

  1. Show your support: Let the cyberbullying victim know that you saw the cyberbullying and that it was not right. Sympathize with them and let them know that they are not alone as they can feel very isolated. Talk about what just happened and how they felt about it.
  2. Stop the cyberbullying when you can: If you hear, see or are sent something that is not true, stop the spread. Do not forward on a message that is untrue or tell someone else. Tell the person who sent or said the rumour that they are wrong and that they should stop.
  3. Get other people on your side: Be a up-stander and encourage your friends and others to be an up-stander too.
  4. Follow up: Follow up with someone who was cyberbullied by text or phone to see how they are doing. Reaching out and being a good friend makes a huge difference.
  5. Don’t be a bystander: When you hear people talking about bullying others, or planning something, or see others laughing with bully, let them know that they are contributing to the problem and that what they are doing does not deserve any laughter.
  6. Respect others differences: Everyone is different and differences should be celebrated. Not everyone is good at the same thing and everyone has different skills. Respect one another openly.