Everything You Need to Know About Robux

If your child plays Roblox, and by plays Roblox I mean sits for hours on end playing, sharing, talking to you and anyone else who will listen about Roblox, then you have definitely heard about Robux. It didn’t take long for my children to discover that in their free game of Roblox, they could buy Robux to level up, get items and play better games. As a parent, a non-Roblox playing parent, I was confused and unsure of how buying Robux would impact their gaming experience and my wallet.

When you add currency into your child’s gaming experience, there are more opportunities for cyberbullying, scams, privacy violations and more. Kidas allows you to keep an eye on your child to ensure they are safe while they play.

Everything you need to know about Robux

What are Robux?

Robux is the in-game currency that gamers use in Roblox. They can be purchased directly from the Roblox website or you can buy gift cards from retail stores such as Best Buy and Amazon. Unlike V-bucks, the Fortnite currency, Robux can be used to buy upgrades for avatars or special abilities as well as games. While most games are free on Roblox, there are some games, such as Bloxburg, that you need Robux to play. Bloxburg, for example, costs 25 Robux to play, which is equivalent to $0.99. Paid games are highly coveted by Roblox players! Accounts with a membership get a Robux stipend which is one way to get Robux. Players can also donate Robux to one another within the game.

Ways to Earn Robux

There are many ways to earn Robux.

  1. Making avatar clothing to sell: Ambitious and creative Robux players can create their own avatar clothing for their own players or to sell in the catalogue. T-shirts are the easiest to make by creating an image and uploading it to Roblox. Additional shirts and pants can also be created which are a bit more challenging to make. Once the clothing has been created, players must pay an upload fee and selling fee which depends on the items being sold. Once the fees are paid, the items are on the catalogue and ready to sell to earn the creator robux. Try making avatar clothing with your child.
  2. Develop your own game on Roblox: On Roblox, you can build and publish your own games without any additional support. Developing your own game is free of charge and you can use everything provided by Roblox. To earn Robux, you can add monetization, such as in-game purchases, to your site or you earn when people engage with your game. There is a split in the revenue between you as the developer, the app store, Roblox, a platform fee and a game monitoring fee. There are many skills learned and advantages to creating your own Roblox game!

What can you buy with Roblux?

  1. Private Servers: This is a private server that belongs to you. You can invite your friends to play in it and strangers are unable to join. This is a fun and safe way to play with your friends on Roblox.
  2. In-game bonuses: Depending on the game, there are in game bonuses. Each game offers different bonuses as they are created by different developers.
  3. New games: Some games are pay to play while others are free.
  4. Goodies: Goodies include anything from customization for your avatar and pets for games.

At the end of the day, while you can play and enjoy the Roblox experience without Robux, most players feel that adding Robux enhances their gaming experience.