Experience Points in Role-Play Games (RPGs)

What they are, how you earn them and why you might want experience points in role-play games.

In a previous post, we shared about experience points (XP as all the cool kids, ie, not me, say) in Fortnite. XP, in battle games such as Fortnite, are points earn by completing tasks that enable you to enhance your character. You might, for example, earn XP to unlock account rewards that can be traded for character upgrades, such as a new skin.

But experience points in role-play games, while earned in a similar fashion, are different in what they do for you as a player.

Experience points in RPGs: Defining XP’s

XP’s are points earned that you need to level up your character within a given role-playing game. A role play game is a buildable game, or a game that you advance over time by repeatedly playing it (unlike Fortnite, which is the same game played against new opponents each time). Each time you log on, you are helping your character further their quest to reach the end of the game.

How you earn XP’s

Experience points are points gained by killing monsters (called mobs) or by completing quests.

Why you want to earn XP’s

In an RPG, your XP is used to advance your character and your character’s abilities within the game you are playing. In Fortnite, by contrast, XP is used in a mostly aesthetic way- your XP enables you to gain new skins or other superficial items for your character. In an RPG, your XP is used to enhance your character by allowing you to get better weapons and make your character stronger.

As my brother describes it, “XP in games such as Fortnite embellish your character. In RPGs, XP enhance your character.”

What you can do with XP’s?

Many role-playing games will go on for months. You will log on often and return to the place where you left off to hopefully get further in your quest to reach the end of the game. Your character can benefit immensely and last longer in a game if he or she has the proper gear earned by XP. By enhancing your player with upgrades earned by using XP, you can prolong your quest and hopefully make it to the end of the game.

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