Gaming Slang Your Kids May Be Using

Whether your child is gamer or not, they are using slang in their everyday conversations. But what about gamers? Do they have different gaming slang that they use? Let’s find out.

The gaming society is huge with gamers connecting all over the world through gaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. You may have noticed your kids using strange words that you hardly recognize. Your kids may be using gaming slang. Games such as Fortnite and Minecraft practically have their own language with their own slang and vocabulary. Here are a few slang terms that your kids may be using in their everyday conversations that come from games.

Gaming Slang Kids are Using

  1. “Newb”
    • “Newb” is a shortened term for newbie, a inexperienced player in a game.
  2. “Smurf”
    • “Smurf” is a term used to describe an underestimated player. In online gaming, some experienced players make new accounts to make other players think that they are unexperienced.
  3. “Scrub”
    • “Scrub” is another term for newbie or inexperienced players.
  4. “AFK”
    • “AFK” stands for Away from Keyboard. The term is used when a player is absent during a game.
  5. “GG”
    • “GG” stands for good game. The term is usually used by players at the end of the game.
  6. “POG”
    • “POG” stands for play of the game. The term is used in streamer chats to symbolize that something remarkable happened during the game.
  7. “Troll”
    • “Troll” is a term to describe players who deliberately piss off players or try to get a reaction out of them.
  8. “Owned”
    • “Owned” is a term to describe a player who is being badly beaten in the game.
  9. “Grind”
    • “Grind” is not only a common gaming slang but also a common phrase teens use today. “Grind” means to do something receptively or to work hard to get something done.
  10. “Hacks”
    • Although the term “hacks” is a common term in computer jargon, the term “hacks” in gaming is used at the end of the game when a player looses. The player typically uses the term “hacks” as an angry excuse for their loss.