How to report players in video games

In our weekly Toxic Gaming Series, we frequently suggest that when experiencing toxic behavior, you should report the player. Here is a list of how to report gamers on different platforms to ensure that the gaming community is safe.

If you or your child is worried about reporting someone, we understand. But this is what you need to know:

Abuse, harassment and cheating are against the rules.

Abusive content is anything that fits into the categories below and it is not acceptable. Anything that is:

  • harmful
  • offensive
  • defamatory
  • obscene
  • harassing
  • threatening
  • hateful
  • degrading
  • intimidating
  • discriminatory

is considered abusive behavior and it is not permitted on gaming platforms. In order to make this stop, players who engage in this type of behavior needs to be reported.

How to report players in video games

Reporting players through EA Sports

Each platform and each game has a different way of reporting abusive players.

Here is a list of games and links to report on each platform when playing on a PC or console.

Muting or Blocking players on Xbox

We frequently suggest muting or blocking players that are abusive when playing on Xbox. You can find out how here.

Blocking Players on PlayStation

On Playstation, you can control who can message you. You can also block players that are harassing you and engaging in abusive behavior. Learn how here.

Blocking Players on Nintendo

Blocking players on Nintendo is also possible. Once you block them, they will not be able to find you or try to friend you. Learn how here.