Unlock Monthly Rewards
with ProtectMe
Supported only on Windows devices
Incentives Await!
$5Gift card
1. Install ProtectMe on your PC
2. Your parents need to validate their identity
3. Receive a $5 Steam Gift Card
Continued Rewards
1. Earn $1 towards a Steam gift card each month you're
2. Cash out every time you reach $5!
Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Us!
Level up your gaming journey with our software— shield against online threats.
Here's why you'll love it:
Total Protection
We're here 24/7, securing your gaming world from
cyber threats—no more scam worries.
Seamless Gaming
No lag of interruptions! ProtectMe guarantees smooth gameplay,
letting you dominate the virtual battlefield.
Unlock monthly rewards!
Security meets rewards, get monthly Steam points with ProtectMe
Give your parents peace of mind so you can game stress-free
Ready to experience gaming like never before?
Join us and power up your gaming adventures!
Supported only on Windows devices
Questions or need help?
Email us at [email protected]
Your Safety Matters. Game On!
ProtectMe &
Your Ultimate Gaming Companion
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