Kidas launches ProtectMe to Address the Gaming Community’s Growing Issues of Cyberbullying

The Philadelphia based start-up’s technology brings new
protection to younger gamers and the first of its kind insight to parents.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– November 29,2021. An estimated 17 million gamers aged 4-14 experience bullying in the US every year while playing social multiplayer video games and the trend is on the rise with a growing number of parents becoming concerned about the risks their kids face while gaming Kidas, who just closed $2M in pre-seed funding, has launched ProtectMe, an AI forward algorithm that extends beyond keyword recognition with the ability to comprehend words in context.

ProtectMe was designed with game producers and parents in mind. Parents can now be at peace with their children’s gaming and developers can rest assured that their titles bring fun, interactive, and safe experiences into millions of homes. The Kidas software currently covers over 120 of gaming’s most popular titles including Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite and communication apps, such as Discord.