Kidas Receives Esports Trade Association’s Sustainable Esports Initiative Award

Award Acknowledges Organizations Making Significant Strides in Social Responsibility and Inclusivity 

PHILADELPHIA, July 09, 2024 – Kidas (“the Company”), a technology company developing AI-powered text and voice communication tools to protect online users from toxicity, cyberbullying and other predatory behavior, announced today that it has been named the winner of the Esports Trade Association’s (ESTA) Sustainable Esports Initiative Award at the EsportsNext 2024 Conference in Chicago. The Sustainable Esports Initiative Award acknowledges organizations or initiatives that have made significant strides in social responsibility projects, eco-friendly practices or efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable Esports environment. 

“Our mission is to create an online gaming environment that is safe, entertaining and free from online harassment, cyber-attacks and other toxicity,” said Ron Kerbs, CEO of Kidas. “Through both our ProtectMe PC software and ProtectMe Bot, we’ve made strides in fostering an inclusive environment for online users, and this award is a testament to our team’s shared dedication to advancing this mission and creating a lasting impact on the world.” 

“The Esports Industry Awards are a reflection of the vibrant energy and creativity that define esports,” said Rachel Chahal, Event Committee Chair, Esports Trade Association and Senior Director of Amusement & Entertainment Partnerships at The Coca-Cola Company. “They honor those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision, and strategic foresight in navigating the complex dynamics of our industry. Winning an award is a testament to the innovative spirit and collaborative ethos that drive meaningful change in esports.” 

“Kidas’ innovative approach to social responsibility sets a benchmark for the entire Esports industry,” added Megan Van Petten, Founder of the Esports Trade Association. “The ESTA is on the pursuit to protect and advance the interests of the Esports community and Kidas’ efforts to make a profound difference within the community made them a clear and deserving recipient of the Sustainable Esports Initiative Award.” 

In addition to Kidas, several other industry leaders have been recognized as part of the EsportsNext Industry Awards. GamerTech™, 404 Creative and EventPipe received the Esports Innovation Award; Titus Walker, Ultimate Endgamers League Founder and CEO, received the Esports Leadership Award; Michigan State University Esports received the Esports Community Engagement Award; ent! Marketing received the Esports Marketing Excellence Award; Combo Breaker received the Esports Event of the Year Award; Frosty Faustings LLC received the Hometown Hero Award; AVI-SPL received the Esports Service of the Year Award; Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations received the Esports Educator of the Year Award; and Ian “Crimsix” Porter was inducted into EsportsNext’s Hall of Fame.