Kidas ProtectMe Software for Children’s PC Games Now Available on

The Only Cyberbullying and Protection Software Available for Children’s PC Games, Kidas’ AI-Powered Text and Voice Communications Platform Alerts Parents of Online Threats.

Kidas is excited to announce that its ProtectMe software for children’s PC games is now convienently available for purchase on As the only cyberbullying and protection software currently on the market for children’s PC games, ProtectMe is offered as a six-month or 12-month subscription for families nationwide.

“Concerns around child safety on popular social media platforms like Meta and TikTok continue to dominate the headlines. It’s vital to remember that toxic behavior is widespread across some of the most popular online video games that children play every day, as well,” said Ron Kerbs, Founder and CEO, Kidas. “Kidas continues to empower families to safeguard their children against online predators and other bad actors who seek to exploit their vulnerabilities. We are proud to have Walmart’s seal of approval and hope to have the opportunity to protect the millions of households that shop at Walmart with ProtectMe. By continuing to expand our reach and offering, our goal is to provide safety and peace of mind to as many families as possible across the U.S.”

ProtectMe is an advanced text and voice communication software that alerts parents of serious online threats (i.e., cyberbullying, online predators, sexual content, hate speech, financial scams and other toxic behaviors) and allows them to shield their children from such events without invading their privacy. Parents review weekly reports summarizing their child’s gaming activity and obtain personalized recommendations written by experts on how to communicate and resolve dangerous situations that their kids may encounter. Immediate threats are sent via SMS alerts.

Developed by former national security and technology experts from the Israeli military, Kidas’ technology complies with the strictest U.S. privacy regulations, including COPPA and CCPA. Kidas is the last line of defense against online predators trying to negatively impact children’s gaming experiences.

About Kidas
Kidas is a technology company developing AI-powered text and voice communication tools to protect online users from toxicity, cyberbullying and other predatory behavior. Its proprietary ProtectMe software for children’s PC games analyzes in-game voice communication, text activity and screen time, silently integrating into hundreds of popular games and monitoring for predatory actions and privacy concerns. Custom weekly, monthly and, if needed, daily / immediate reports are generated and emailed to parents, letting them know if their child encountered threats. Additionally, Kidas’ ProtectMe Bot is the first and only bot available for Discord with voice and chat moderation capabilities designed to combat toxicity among users, ensuring a positive experience for everyone using the platform and maintaining server security. For more information, visit