Know your family is safe when playing online video games

Protect your children from the dangers of playing video games online. Get alerts and insights when dangerous activity is detected with ProtectMe by Kidas.

It’s safe and easy to get started today.

How it works

Built by leading cyberbullying researchers, privacy experts, and data security engineers,
ProtectMe screens gaming activity when you can’t be there,
keeping your child and family one step further from online predatory behavior.

Download & Activate

Download and activate the software to your child’s PC to get instantly connected and protected

Receive Alerts

Kidas scans all gaming- related communications in the background and sends alerts to your email if cyberbullying or online predators are detected

Weekly Safety Summaries

Each week you’ll get a full report with your child’s overall threat severity exposure score, a break down of all threats detected, and gaming time insights

The first of its kind security alerts are the key to keeping your kids safe while they game.

Built by leading cyberbullying researchers, privacy
experts, and data security engineers.


Offensive language or trash talk.


Abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group.


Personal information is requested or shared.


Showing an intention to cause harm.

Sexual Content

Material or language depicting sexual behavior.

Get the transparency you need as a parent to keep your child safe without disrupting their fun.

  • Stay informed
    Get weekly insights from ProtectMe about your child’s gaming habits and real time alerts when threats such as cyberbullying, fraud, predatory behavior, and privacy violations are detected.
  • Respectful safety without sacrificing fun
    Confidently support your child’s love of gaming while respecting their space and without disrupting the game.
  • Kidas runs silently in the background, sharing only necessary information involving potential threats.
  • The ProtectMe privacy promise
    The triple encrypted ProtectMe software is only activated during gameplay and complies with the strict US privacy regulations to protect your family’s privacy and device data.

More security for the moments when you’re away

ProtectMe saves you and your family from serious financial and physical incidents

Personalized Alerts

Sent directly to your email to keep you in the loop at all times during your child’s game play

Weekly safety summaries

Provide parental insights to help you understand what your child is playing, how long they are playing for, and who they are communicating with


Did something alarming happen? Chose the right course of action supported by recommendations crafted by our bullying experts

Analyze gaming activity without compromising your security

ProtectMe helps make sure the things you value most are kept safe

  • Voice and text monitoring to understand the context of discrete scams families fall victim to everyday
  • Rest assured with our COPPA compliant credentials
  • Engineered to exceed security standards

ProtectMe makes understanding your child’s online social gaming habits easier

Become Aware

Parent and Guardian alerts about threats such as bullying, fraud, and privacy violations as they happen

Confidently support
your Children’s Hobbies

Protect Me upholds your family’s privacy with no interference to your children’s day to day gaming experience

Protection Day or Night
that you can Trust

Triple encrypted software designed to respect your privacy that only activates while games are being played

Understand your Child’s Online Social Gaming Habits with Ease

Learn more about their gaming habits, what they play, how much, and see how that changes over time

A whole new kind of awareness about what’s happening to your children online.

Stay in the know

Keep me up to date about gaming safety,
tips, and news from Kidas.


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