Sexual Insults in Gaming

“Don’t be a pussy”

“You’re so gay”

Sexual Insults are extremely offensive. By saying something like “you’re so gay” you are degrading people who are gay. You are taking the term gay and using it as an insult indicating that someone who is gay is lesser of a person. These types of sexual insults are extremely offensive.

Sexual insults can include:

  1. Profanity with sexual anatomy “You’re a dick”- This is when you use sexual anatomy terms such as dick, cock or pussy as an insult.
  2. Descriptions of sexual acts such as “suck my dick” – Comments like this are meant to degrade someone.

Why do Kids Use Sexual Insults in Gaming

Kids use sexual insults for a few reasons. They may be using sexual insults because are trying to be funny or make a joke. They believe that when they are using these insults, that they are simply joking with their friends. In gaming and amongst friends, it has become a way of speech or a way to exert power. Talk like this has become common amongst peers in a joking manner. With that said, these comments can be and are very degrading and hurtful to many people.

While gaming, young children come in contact with older children. In games with public chats, younger children may be exposed to terminology that is inappropriate that they should not be exposed to. Children between the ages of 6-10 they should not be exposed to these types of sexual insults. With that said, teens need to understand that these type of sexual insults are completely inappropriate and offensive no matter their age.

What Can Parents Do To Prevent Sexual Insults?

  1. Parents should pay attention to their children while gaming – listen to the conversation in the game once in a while. Encourage your children to play with the door open, spend some time in the room where they game and encourage your child to play without headphones.
  2. Encourage your child to use respectful language – remind your child that words can be perceived in different ways and speak respectfully.
  3. If your child encounters sexual insults, they can mute the chat or report the gamer.
  4. Teen can explain to their friends that they feel uncomfortable playing with them when they use these comments. Encourage your child to explain that using sexual insults isn’t cool, but that it is hurtful and degrading instead.