The Best Girl Gaming Groups

Think video gaming is just for boys? Think again! The number of girl gamers is on the rise, and there are a number of great groups where girls can go to find support for their gaming endeavours.

According to Statistia, as of 2021, girls make up 45% of gamers in the United States. Forty five percent! Just shy of one half of all video gamers in the US are girls. It’s high time, then, that we kick the age-old stereotype that video gamers are young guys in their parents’ suburban basements to the curb. It goes without saying, girls can absolutely do anything that boys can do.

Even if, statistically, girls make up a large percentage of gamers in the United States, it still may feel like a predominantly male-driven sport. But as more and more girls take to the computer (or the tablet, or the smartphone) to try their hand at the world of video gaming, more and more resources are popping up to help them feel at home amongst the men. If your daughter, or sister, or BFF or any female in your life, is looking for a place to join forces with other amazing female video gamers, check out these five amazing girl gaming groups. After all, gaming should be a fun, inclusive and social experience for everyone.

Five girl gaming groups for fierce females

1.Women in Games International– Founded in 2009, Women in Games International is a premiere resource for female gamers. According to the group, at its inception, only six percent of workers in the video game industry were female. Currently, in 2022, that number is up to 22%. Better- but women still have a lot of work to do, especially because globally female gamers make up almost half of all gamers in the industry! Women in Games has a plethora of channels on which to interact as well as activities in which you can get involved. If you are looking to join a league of women ready to change the world, this might just be the one!

2. Girl Gamers (GG) on Steam– With almost 180,000 members, Girl Gamers on Steam is one of the largest and most active communities on the platform. Steam is a platform where you can create groups that combine like-minded individuals who share common interests. Girl Gamers believe “a gamer is a gamer” and supports gamers of all beliefs, genders and races. Girl Gamers is simply a place to connect with other gamers who support girls in gaming.

3. Reddit: Girl Gamers– According to this Reddit channel, girl gamers don’t want to be called girl gamers. They are simply gamers, just like boys and men are simply gamers, not boy gamers or men gamers. So this Reddit forum, which has 170,000 followers, is for gamers who happen to be female. It is a place to connect, discuss, hang out and talk about- what else?- gaming. You do not need to be female to join this forum but you do need to be accepting of females who also happen to be gamers.

4. PMS Clan– The PMS Clan is a group of women dedicated to breaking down the barriers women face in gaming. Started in 2002, PMS Clan is now a community of 60,000 female gamers from diverse backgrounds. PMS Clan provides a virtual hang out room on the website as well as opportunities for women to meet up in real life to connect and game together. The website also lists virtual gaming opportunities where you can join games and battles with other clan members virtually.

5. Black Girl Gamers– Black Girl Gamers, started in 2015, is an inclusive online group for all marginalized communities in gaming. With more than 8,000 members, Black Girl Gamers creates a safe space for black female gamers and is LGBTQIA+ inclusive. The organization offers events and workshops to members to make them feel included and welcome.

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