The Best Places for Your Kids to Learn About Roblox

The best places to learn about Roblox for your kids.

Roblox really is one of my favorite games that my kids play. Or, rather, one of my favorite open-world gaming platforms my kids play within. My nine-year-old can stay busy on Roblox for hours, playing games created by other users, interacting with her friends on the site and so much more. I can get her to clean her room with the promise of more Roblox time and get her to stop unwanted behavior by taking away Roblox. She recently traded in half the birthday cash she received from friends and family for Robux, an in-app currency that allows you to buy all sorts of virtual goodies. She is hooked!

What is Roblox?

If your child is just getting started on Roblox, or you are just learning about it yourself, no worries! It wasn’t that long ago that I was wondering what in the heck this goofy game my kids were begging to play was. Roblox is an online gaming platform where you can build, create, play and explore with other users from all over the world. You can create your own games, play games created by other users and so much more. This Roblox Guide for Parents from Common Sense Media really helped me wrap my head around what Roblox is.

Is Roblox Safe for My Child to play?

The first question that popped into my head when my daughter asked if she could get an account was “Is Roblox safe for young kids?” My middle daughter got really into Roblox when the pandemic hit and she was missing her friends. She would spend hours talking to friends via Messenger Kids and simultaneously exploring the virtual Roblox world with them. I spent a good amount of time reading about and researching Roblox to make sure it was okay for my daughter, who was seven when she started playing. I found that Roblox has a lot of great parental controls I could set, which gave me peace of mind. You can read all about Roblox’s parental controls here.

The Best place to learn more about Roblox

Where Can My Child Get Tips on How to Play Roblox?

When my daughter first started gaming on Roblox, I had no idea how to help her! I’m not much of a gamer myself. Actually, scratch that. I’m not a gamer at all. I totally support gamers- I’m just not one. So I didn’t have any advice on how she could learn the ins and outs of the virtual Roblox world. She phoned more than a few friends for advice, especially friends with older siblings she knew were into gaming (her own big sister has zero interest in Roblox). While her friends were a great resource for Roblox knowledge, she also found lots of help (with my guidance, of course!) on the World Wide Web. Here are a few of our favorite spots for kids to learn about the ins and outs of Roblox.

  1. YouTube: There are lots of great videos on YouTube with tutorials that can help your kiddo get started on YouTube. Just beware- YouTube comes with lots of click bait and your child can go from watching something innocent to something inappropriate with a few quick clicks. I watched three videos alongside my daughter until she felt confident enough to go Roblox alone.
  2. Let’s Play Roblox on Roku: There is an entire channel available through Roku with tips and tricks that can help your child learn to navigate the virtual world of Roblox. While we haven’t personally tried this channel, it does come recommended by Common Sense Media.
  3. Online Roblox Classes & Camps: There are several online coding schools and tech camps that offer Roblox-specific classes. CoderKids has several options for kiddos, as does CodaKids. Both of these platforms will not only help kids learn about Roblox but will also help them learn how to code their own games within Roblox. Cool! If you are looking for in-person classes centered around Roblox, check with your local Code Ninjas. Our local franchise has several camps my daughter plans to attend this summer.
  4. Twitch: Twitch is a live-streaming platform with gamers from around the world. There are plenty of channels for your kid to watch where gamers engage in all sorts of activities within Roblox. Roblox itself has a livestream channel where kids can watch and learn live.

Where did your child learn to play Roblox?