The Coolest Roblox Gear on the Market

Is your gamer looking for gear that show off their love of Roblox? If you have a Roblox-obsessed kiddo in your house, you should check out the coolest Roblox Gear on the market!

For the past several years, Robux has been the top item on my middle daughter’s holiday/birthday/everyday/anyday wish list. Robux, the in-app currency for Roblox, is to her what a Target gift card is to me: an opportunity to spend money on frivolous things that make me happy. Truly, this year if she unwrapped box after box filled with nothing but Robux gift cards (which can be purchased at Walmart or grocery stores or anywhere you normally purchase gift cards), she would likely declare it the best holiday ever. 

But this year I’m vowing to think outside the box. While it would certainly be easier to just buy a bunch of Robux cards and call it a (holi)day, I’ve already decided this year that I will find a few unexpected items that will be functional and fun but also help her outwardly express her love for her favorite video game. I’ve been scouring the internet for weeks trying to find the best Roblox gear for my middle gamer, so I wanted to share this list with anyone else who may be looking for Robux goodies just like I am. Without further ado, here is my list of must-have Roblox goodies for the gamer in your life. 

Coolest Roblox gifts for your gamer 2022

Roblox hoodie- Let the record show that I do not understand my tween’s obsession with hoodies. My daughter thinks hoodies are a wardrobe staple regardless of the weather outside. Y’all… We live in Texas and my child still wears hoodies 365. I. Don’t. Get. It. BUT… It does certainly make shopping for gifts easier! You can’t go wrong with a hoodie for tweens, and this unisex hoodie is both subtle and cozy, and it costs less than $30! I look forward to finding this crumpled in the corner of the bathroom near but not in the laundry hamper frequently as she rotates with her one or two other prized hoodies. 

Roblox books- Sometimes I need my daughter to step away from her iPad and challenge her brain away from video games. When she can’t get enough of her favorite game but I need her to take a break, I think I have the perfect solution: Roblox: Where’s the Noob? This book is similar to Where’s Waldo but with Roblox characters. It will give her eyes a much-needed break from the screen but still challenge her mind and let her engage with some of her favorite characters from the game. Win-win. 

Roblox nightlight- You’re never too old for a nightlight, and this nightlight is so cool (and Roblox themed) that I might just buy one for myself! Let this little accessory rest on your gamer’s nightstand come bedtime so they can easily find their way out of bed to use the restroom in the middle of the night. This nightlight features seven different color changes and can be controlled with a remote. Plus it’s a cool accessory that can be used in the game room, living room, bedroom or anywhere else that you might need a little bit of colorful light. 

Roblox action figures- Although my daughter stopped playing with dolls some years ago, she still enjoys collecting figures and dolls and lining them up on her bookshelf to showcase her interests. This collection of Roblox action figures is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of dolls and figurines. If your gamer is inclined, they can play Roblox with friends and act out scenes from the game in real life. Whatever your child wants to do with these figurines, they are a great gift for your Roblox-loving gamer. 

Roblox backpack- What better way to show off your love for your Roblox game than by wearing it on your sleeve, um, back? This Roblox backpack not only holds all your gamer’s school accessories, including books, pens and more, but it also shows off how much they love their favorite game. This backpack is durable, unisex and machine washable, meaning its perfect for school, weekend travel or wherever life may lead your favorite gamer! 

Extra Roblox goodies for your gamer

There are so many wonderful Roblox products on the market for your gamer it was hard to narrow down this list! If you are looking for something a little less expensive, don’t discount how much your gamer will love simply getting Roblox gift cards. My middle daughter will do just about anything for $10 worth of Robux, including mopping the kitchen, taking out the trash, etc. They are also a great incentive for an outstanding report card or other accolades. These fun blind box toys are super inexpensive and another great reward for a gamer who loves surprises and is incentivized by small gifts.

Happy gifting!