Top 5 New Video Games for kids

I can’t keep up with video games. They are always changing and I am always amazed at the amount of new video games for kids.

There seems to be new games out every week. And I never know which game my girls are playing, let alone which platform they are playing on! This week it’s Roblox on the iPads but last week it was Fortnite on the Xbox. For a little while there was Pokemon GO on my iPhone (borrowed by the girls- I wouldn’t know where to begin with Pokemon GO) and before that there was some computer game with animals.

Last week, my husband took my middle daughter birthday shopping. She came home over the moon with a brand new video game for one of our many devices (I would ask my husband why we have so many devices, but then he would ask me why I have so many shoes. And I’d really rather not go there. Again. So…) and has rushed home from camp every day this week and logged on. Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, for the Nintendo Switch, is a new release that has my nine-year-old excited to game again. This game is rated for everyone 10 and up but we decided to let her get it because the rating was for cartoon violence. She is loving this action-packed game where she is trying to save Metropolis from evil Toyman.

After long, sweaty days outside at camp or in our backyard pool playing with friends, I’m more than happy to let my kids spend some time gaming solo or with their friends. I’ve done a bit of research on hot games for kids in 2021 so I can reward them for their summer reading (the things we do for our kids!) and have come across these titles that I can’t wait to add to our home video game library.

New Video Games for Kids

  1. Miitopia, for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch – This game’s rating is pending. This game honestly sounds right up my oldest’s alley. You can turn family and friends into Mii characters and embark on a goofy adventure with all your virtual friends. The goal is to defeat the face-stealing Dark Lord. So fun!
  2. It Takes Two, for Playstation 4 or Xbox One – This game is rated Teen for fantasy violence, animated blood, language and comic mischief. Play with a friend or family member and embark on a journey, working together to complete wild challenges. The moral of this game’s story is that we’re better together, something I think we can all agree on these days!
  3. Pac-Man 99, for Nintendo Switch and Switch online – This game is rated E for Everyone. Up to 99 players can engage a battle royale in this new take on a classic game. The goal is to be the last Pac-Man standing. I loved Pac-Man as a kid, so, as much as I am as far from a gamer as you can possibly get, I admit that this game intrigues me…
  4. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, for Nintendo Switch – This game is rated E for Everyone. Cultivate your farm and your town by taming the wilderness and building your farm from the ground up. This is a farm simulation game and it reminds me of my days playing the original Oregon Trail, hoping against hope each time I started a game that I wouldn’t succumb to some awful disease!
  5. Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood, for PC and Ma – This game is rated for Teens. Scarlet Hood is sort of a modern-day Dorothy who gets transported to a wild new world via tornado. The fantasy land of Glome has munchkins, a green witch and ruby slippers. Her day keeps repeating until she can break the spell and get away. This one sounds fun for Wizard of Oz fans!

What new video games are you looking forward to in 2021?