Top Xbox Games Your Kids are Playing

Children spend hours of their time playing Xbox. Outside of playing their video games on Xbox, they are talking to their friends about their video games. Parents are often confused about what their kids are into. These are the top 5 games your kids are playing on Xbox.

1. Minecraft: First created in 2011, Minecraft has maintained its popularity among children. The truth is that either your kids have played it or still play it. Parents are often confused about the purpose about Minecraft. Unlike most games, players don’t win from killing the most enemies or zombies. There is no point in minecraft. Minecraft allows players to build and explore this block-like world. Players allow their creativity to build and survive in the game.

2. Fortnite: Fortnite became the “it” game in 2017. Every child was talking about it and the game has sustained its popularity. So what exactly do kids do in the game? 100 players are dropped into a map. Players are only given a pickaxe and are supposed to find weapons throughout the map as they defend themselves from enemies. As players continue, the map will strink. If the player stands outside a set safe zone, the player dies.

3. Players Unknown Battleground: Fortnite has often been accused of copying Players Unknown Battleground. Both games have a similar basic: the player gets dropped out using a parachute and is expected to fight against 100 players. Players of both Fornite and Player Unknown Battleground often focuz on the differences in details in the game from weapons to the maps available. The most obvious difference is in the design. Fortnite, while the game obviously violent, has a more friendly and cartoon-like design. Players Unknown Battlleground (PUBG) has a more military and realistic style to it.

4. Overwatch: Overwatch is a multiplayer game in which players compete as a alongside a team. Players choose their own unique character with specialized skills. Each character is part of one of the four groups: offense, defense, tank, and support. Each character has their own specialized skill and role in the game.What makes Overwatch so fun to play is the variety of maps available in the game. In each map, players have a different objective.

5. Call of Duty: Warzone: What makes this game so popular is that Call of Duty: Warzone is actually free and a cross platform experience, which is why there are so many players. Each game allows 150 players with a massive game map for the large number of players. The game starts with a plane hovering over the map, and players are allowed to drop down at any time. Although players start out with a simple pistol, players can find better weapons within the map. The main objective is to kill the enemies alongside a team. In 2020, the game had more than 85 million players worldwide, making it one of the most popular games on Xbox and other gaming platforms.