Toxic Gaming Behavior: Swatting

In our Guide to Toxic Gaming Behavior, we are talking about Swatting. Swatting is considered to be the ultimate “prank”. What is swatting in gaming? Engaging in swatting is something that has serious consequences and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What is Swatting in Gaming?

Swatting is a form of cyber harassment where an online gamer makes a phone call to the police or law enforcement with false information. They report another player for engaging in a violent emergency situation involving shooting or a hostage situation in hopes of the police unit or law enforcement arrives at someone home. This has resulted in terrible tragedy that was completely avoidable.

Effects of Swatting

  1. When people engage in swatting, they are effectively tying up law enforcement with a false emergency making them unavailable to true emergency situations.
  2. This can result in serious injury and even death. When law enforcement are given false information, they are heading into a situation armed that can result in officers or innocent people being shot.
  3. People involved in swatting use doxxing techniques to get information on rival gamers and then use this information against them in the worst possible way. Many of these gamers are players of COD and CounterStrike.

How to Prevent Swatting

  • Follow preventative measures for doxxing.
  • Use a screen name that would make it very difficult for people to find out who you are.
  • Do not sure personal information with other gamers: where you live, your name, etc.
  • If you feel it’s needed, hide you IP address to ensure you can’t be tracked.

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