What Are Teens Doing Online?

Think about how much time you spend online and how many things you do online in a day. Have you ever thought about what you teens are doing online all day? So, what are teens doing online?

What are teens doing online?

Social Media

Facebook: This is where they post things that they are ok with anyone in their lives seeing. From aunts and uncles, to teachers and bosses, facebook is for information that is PG.

Instagram: The account you know about is their picture album. They post pictures they like that they know you will see, but they also have a Finsta’s. Their finsta’s are restricted to their friends only so that you don’t really know what they are doing.

Twitter: This is where they go to share their freedom of speech. They can post every hour, or minute if they choose to about whatever they want…and they do!

TikTok: TikTok started as a viral video social networks to share dances, beauty tips and more. Now there are so many dark levels, it deserves its own post.

Pinterest: This is where they go for all of their inspiration. Whether is a new haircut, what to wear or how to design their dorm room, Pinterest is where they are going.


Discord: Teens everywhere are using Discord to communicate with their peers. While they used to use many different apps for chatting, Discord has quickly become the top app to chat on through private chats and chats with other communities. Channels are easy to create and are very popular. It can be used on any device including a computer so kids are likely chatting on Discord during class as well! Watch out for teens using emojis that have a different meaning!


Almost every teen everywhere is gaming in one way or another. Whether they are playing Candy Crush on their phone for hours, playing Minecraft with their friends, or involved in e-sports, teens everywhere are gaming. This is a big hobby for many teens!


Teens, not unlike parents, spend time online for entertainment purposes. It’s crazy to think that we once sat down on the couch with our families to watch the same show at the same time each week. That there was once a time where we had no control of when we watched what show. Now, teens are able to get instant gratification by selecting the show or movie they want, whenever they want on a number of streaming platforms. In addition to shows and movies, they are streaming music and watching youtube. They have more than enough entertainment to choose from online!


Last but not least, teens love to shop online. While teens are still heading to the mall to hang out and shop, they are also doing a lot of their shopping online. It comes naturally them and they enjoy it! Keep an eye out for those packages!

What do your teens do online?