Where to Find The Best Deals in Tech

When it comes to tech, no one wants to break the bank when they don’t have to. Here’s where to find the best deals in tech.

My inbox blows up daily with retailers trying to get me to spend my hard-earned cash with them. It feels as if I’m constantly flooded with discount codes, free-with-purchases offers and so much more. It can be completely overwhelming.

At the same time, I’m a mom with three kiddos and a husband who goes gaga for the latest and greatest tech gadgets, so I’m regularly on the lookout for the latest gadgets at the lowest prices. I toggle back and forth between websites, making sure I’ve exhausted every discount code I can find on RetailMeNot (a great site and app to search for current discount codes for 100s of retailers) and that I’ve activated my cash back on Rakuten (my favorite cash back app/site that gives you cash back on your purchases from loads of retailers!). Those discounts, no matter how small, can add up quickly if you are regularly making big purchases!

With so many retailers fighting for your credit card number and promising the best prices in return, how do you really know where to go when you want a new Xbox or PlayStation or video game?

Where to Find the Best Deals in Tech Gadgets

When on the hunt for new (or new-to-you) tech, you should start by asking yourself if certified refurbished is an option.

If you are looking to buy a new item that doesn’t necessarily need to be the latest model, you can find some great deals in refurbished items from retailers you trust. We bought my girls iPads for Christmas two years ago and purchased them refurbished from Amazon. We saved about $100 per iPad and have never had an issue with them! The program is called Amazon Renewed, and you can save $100 or more per tech item when you shop this way! Plus everything comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This program sells iPads, gaming systems, kitchen appliances and more, all pre-owned and refurbished. Check it out here.

If your kids are looking to stretch their dollars buying tech items including consoles and games, consider a stop at your local Gamestop! Not only can you get great refurbished items for less than retail, kids can make a few dollars, too, by selling Gamestop the games they no longer play. Win win!

If you don’t want to go the refurbished route, start at TechRadar. This site keeps an up-to-date list on hot tech products and prices from around the internet. Here you can quickly compare prices on your favorite items. It commonly compares prices at known tech giants such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon.

If prices at all the retail giants are about the same, like is currently the case with the Nintendo Switch Lite, we tend to order from Target because we have a Target RedCard. We have the debit card- which means we don’t run up another credit card!- that we use to pay and it automatically gives us 5% off any purchase and free shipping on any purchase if we order online. No, 5% isn’t a huge discount, but on a $200 Nintendo Switch Lite, it’s $10 off, which means the kids get their new Switch Lite and Mom gets a Starbucks run, so, everybody is happy!

My husband swears by Best Buy because he loves the reward program the retailer offers. He buys all of our TVs, sound equipment and other tech products there because, according to them, the benefits he gets from the reward program are worth it. I did a little bit of digging to figure out if this was true. The free rewards program gets you 0.5 points for every $1 spent. For every 250 points earned, you get a $5 rewards certificate. So, this won’t add up quickly unless you are making regular large purchases. However, you also get free shipping (with a $35 spend) and a few more perks for signing up, so, it might be worth it if you have your eye on multiple items!

Tech Purchasing Tips

Wherever you choose to buy from, I recommend the following:

  1. Know the return policy. In case something doesn’t work or the person you were buying the item for already has it, know the retailer’s return policy! I hate when I’m expecting a full refund and can’t get one because I didn’t read the fine print on my return window.
  2. Consider a warranty. In my younger days, I never bought warranties. They seemed like a waste of money, and I would always lose the info and be mad when I couldn’t cash in. Once my husband and I had kids, we starting buying the warranty on everything. Literally everything. From furniture to electronics and strollers to scooters, if we can purchase a warranty for the item, we do! It has come in handy more than once!
  3. Check out what your options are for trouble-shooting or help. Best Buy has the Geek Squad if you get stuck. Be sure and ask the salesperson if the store has any kind of help available. If not, try YouTube. My husband and I have learned more than a few useful tips off this site!