Why do Teens Talk to Strangers Online?

Ever wonder why teens talk to strangers online? Teens, both male and female chat with strangers online, however, girls are more likely to chat with strangers. Parents everywhere teach their children to never talk to strangers, but when kids are online, they feel the same rules don’t apply. For girls, there are a few main reasons they chat with strangers online.

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Why do Teens talk to strangers online?

Sexual Curiosity

Many girls who chat with, or respond to strangers online, do so because of their sexual curiosity. They feel that they can experiment by being flirtations with a stranger online and don’t worry about the risks associated with it. They want to engage in romantic conversation and express themselves in a romantic way. While it is a virtual conversation, they still find themselves falling in deep and don’t think about the reality or the risks of what they are doing. Speak with your teen to ensure that they are not involved in sextortion.

Peer Pressure

Like most things with teenagers, peer pressure plays a factor in what teens are doing online. One friend will be chatting with a stranger online and will brag to the others about how amazing it is, encouraging them to do the same. Sometimes, they will form a group chat and chat with the same person while they all support one another in sending more messages.

Feeling Alone

Sometimes teens my feel lonely for a variety of reasons. They may feel alone at school as their friends change, or relationships change. If they are going through changes at home or changes to the family, they take solace in a stranger online and connect with them.

Chatting with strangers online is a risky and potentially dangerous thing to do. Talk to your child about keeping themselves safe as well how to deal with the above factors in a healthy way.