Why You Should Embrace Video Games for Kids

Instead of fighting the love of gaming your child has, here’s why you should embrace video games.

Let’s be honest, during this year-long and counting pandemic, there have been a lot of changes in families. Families are spending more time together than they ever have which has its pros and cons! On one hand, families are becoming closer, developing new hobbies to do with one another, eating every meal together and working and learning together in one space.

On the other hand, while families have strengthened, many children’s friendships have started falling apart. Kids no longer get to spend time together, face to face and when they do, they can’t get too close or take their masks off! They have missed out on so much and it has been hard. As parents, we worry that our children are spending too much time online during this pandemic, something that parents have been concerned about since their children were born, but now is the time to embrace video games for kids and here’s why:

Why You Should Embrace Video Games

It’s a Creative Outlet

We all need a creative outlet. Kids and parents alike. While parents may choose to spend their time reading a good book or knitting a blanket, kids need a creative outlet that will develop their skills. Video games give children the opportunity to be creative. Whether they are designing thing own player and house in a Roblox game or creating their own homes and portals in Minecraft, they are being creative without any instruction. They are using their won imagination, using trial and error along the way.

They are being social

If you are looking for just one reason to embrace video games for your kids, this is the one. That’s not to say that you should throw all your beliefs about online safety out the window, but this is a huge reason to embrace video games, especially in the heart of this pandemic. Kids used to go out after school to extra-curricular activities with their friends which they can no longer do. They can’t go over to a friends house and play or play on a basketball team with their friends. Gaming has become the #1 way for kids to be social right now. We get it, you don’t want your kid locking him/herself in their room all day staring at the screen. In most cases, that’s not what’s happening. Kids are connecting with one another through Messenger Kids, FaceTime and Discord to game together. This has been a saving grace for kids through this pandemic, giving them the opportunity to play together and to remain social. This fact alone deserves some serious attention and understanding!

They are problem solving

So many of these games require problem solving. They are using a variety of different skills to problem solve in their games. They use strategy development, spacial skills, math and more to solve problems. They need to problem solve independently and with their team to move forward in their games.

They are dealing with social issues

While this may not sound like a benefit, it most certainly is. Kids will always deal with social issues and unfortunately, they are always arising. In gaming, kids are learning how to deal with being left out, or being attacked by their teammates. They are learning how to act appropriately and how both their actions and others have consequences. They are dealing with kids who aren’t being nice as well as learning which kids support them.

They are being collaborative

This is a big one. Kids are learning to be collaborative with their teammates and peers. They are learning to collaborate with people they know as well as people they don’t know. They are learning to work as a team, how to defeat others in the game and how to play their role. Learning to be a team players is a very important skill that kids can’t afford to miss out on. Video games give kids this outlet to be a collaborative player when many other collaborative opportunities have been taken away from them.

They have something that is their own

The importance of this goes without saying. Kids need to have something that is their own. Something that they can look forward to, something that they enjoy and something that makes them happy. The way the world is today makes it that much more important for kids to have something that is their own!

We are here to support the additional gaming time by monitoring your child’s gaming to ensure they are safe.