6 Reasons Your Kids Love Roblox

If your child plays Roblox, then they love Roblox! Here are 6 reasons why your kids love Roblox.

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My kids will rush home from a day at school to hop on their iPads and play Roblox. My husband and I make them earn Roblox time (thank you, parenting controls on iPads!) by doing chores. It’s amazing how much they are willing to do to earn game time. My middle daughter, my most Roblox-obsessed kid, will do everything from mop the floor to fold her sister’s laundry and even clean the toy room. It must be a fun game!

So, what, exactly, is Roblox? I found myself asking this question when my daughters would do things they always complained about doing (like unloading the dishwasher!) in order to earn more play time for Roblox.

Roblox Basics

Roblox is an online gaming platform launched in 2006 that allows users to interact with one another and play different games. Roblox allows users to create, play and design just about anything the user can imagine. My girls love to decorate virtual houses, play the pet game Adopt Me and change their avatar’s clothing and hairstyle as frequently as possibly. Roblox is available on smartphones and tablets, desktops and Xbox One, meaning it is fairly widely accessible.

6 Reasons your kids love Roblox

Roblox has the game Adopt Me, it’s most popular in-app game

Adopt Me is a game where users can “adopt” pets, care for pets and then trade pets with other users. Pets are hatched from eggs, and range from common to ultra-rare. It is free to play and trade animals with other players. If you hear your kiddos talking about their pets or their friends pets, they are probably referring to the virtual furry friends made and traded in this game!

Kids can do and create basically anything

Kids have so much freedom in this game to explore and create, there really isn’t much to not like. Kids love dressing avatars, building and designing houses, playing various games and interacting with other players on this social gaming platform.

Kids can interact and play with their friends within Roblox

Kids don’t have to play this game solo (or worse yet, with siblings! Am I right?), or go a lot of the challenges alone. They can interact with one another. My girls often call their friends through Messenger Kids on their iPads and then open the app and start playing.

There’s so much content in Roblox that there is something for everyone

Unlike so many standalone games that fall into a single category, Roblox is a platform with endless gaming possibilities. Whereas you may not like sports games or puzzle games, you’d be hard-pressed to enter the virtual world of Roblox and not find something that can entertain you.

Roblox is fun for all levels of gamers- and all ages of gamers

There are definitely games out there on gaming platforms, on tablets and online that I won’t let my girls play. First-person shooter games, for example, seem inappropriate for my youngest, who is seven, but Roblox offers loads of content that is both appropriate for her and easy for her to figure out without much of a learning curve. So often when she plays games such as Mario on our Switch she gets frustrated because she “dies” so quickly. We don’t experience the same sense of loss as frequently with Roblox!

Roblox is free

No having to save allowance for two weeks or pick up extra chores around the house. Roblox is free to download and play. You can purchase Robux in app, virtual currency that allows users to purchase upgrades and more, but they are not necessary to play and enjoy the game.

Honestly, I’m not sure I get the Roblox obsession. My girls can spend hours in this game, creating and trading and chatting with friends. Perhaps I’m just well-passed the target demographic! I feel that my kids can safely play this game without money or very many parental controls necessary, so Roblox is one of my favorite things for my kids to do virtually when they want (and earn!) some extra screen time.