Fortnite Scams to Look Out For

Fortnite is a hugely popular game with children which is why so many scams happen in relation to Fortnite. Because of it’s popularity, scammers use Fortnite and V-bucks to lure in children who are easy to scam. Many children are hyper focused on getting more v-bucks and quickly find themselves scammed. Fortnite scams are everywhere. One thing that you MUST remember and ensure that your children know: you cannot get FREE V-bucks anywhere. The only place to buy or earn V-bucks is in the game. This is very important to remember. Despite the many many scams that are happening all over the internet, if you remember that you cannot get free V-bucks anywhere, your child will have a better chance of remaining safe.

These are some examples of scams that have many Fortnite players have fallen into. To stay on top of your child’s gaming safety, sign up for a free month trial of Kidas and receive alerts of any scams or privacy violations your child may encounter during gaming.

Fortnite Scams

With over 4,700 fake Fortnite sites, it is likely that your child will come across one at one point or another. These sites ask for personal information such as Fortnite usernames and passwords, emails, etc. Most Fortnite scam websites are created to look very similar to the Fortnite game so that players, especially young players don’t question its validity. After entering the players information, many sites go as far as asking you to confirm you are human to give the illusion that it is a legitimate website.

V-Bucks Generator

An example of a site like this is a “V-buck generator” website. This is a site the encourages players to watch videos, click on ads and then fill out a form with personal information in order to get free V-bucks. This is how scammers get private information from users. Additionally, the sites encourage participants to share on social channels for more v-bucks which only spreads the scam to more players. YouTube is a popular place for Fortnite players to search ways to level up and earn more V-bucks. There are many videos on YouTube that direct you to these scam sites. These videos have tons of views. Once you watch the video, there is a ton of click bait that makes it tempting for people to click on the link to get “free V-bucks” or to “claim your free offer”. Once they click on the link, it takes you to a page where you enter your personal information. In some cases, it will ask for your credit card or banking information. Once you get through the all of the steps and are ready to receive your “free gift”, it takes you to another website that claims the need for more of your information. The cycle is endless and vicious.

In addition to offering free V-bucks, watch out for Fortnite account generator scams. Other scammers offer loaded Fortnite accounts that players can buy. Remember, Fortnite is a free to play game. They claim that this is an account that comes loaded with skins and other cosmetic items that players would otherwise need to play for or earn through Fortnite battles. Scammers “sell” access to these accounts. This is another scam that many people fall for.

Lastly, there are sites out there that claim to offer unique or cheap skins that can be purchased for Fortnite. These skins are not real and scammers sell them and never deliver.

Watch out for Fortnite scams.