In-Game Currency Explained: Part 2

In-game currency is already different than what parents are used to, but trying to understand all the different currency in different games is a challenge in and of itself! We took at 11 gaming currencies in our post called “In-Game Currency Explained: Part 1“. Let’s get started on the next batch of games.

In World of Tanks

Credits are the main in-game currency which are earned in battles. You get credits for all battle activities; victorious battles provide a greater reward. Gamers spend credits when you buy new modules, equipment, and vehicles. Credits are also spent to repair vehicles after battle, purchase Training Manuals and crew directives, and resupply ammunition and consumables. Experience is an essential in-game resource, which you earn in battles and get for all battle activities.

Bonds is a special in-game currency that is earned in battles, personal missions, certain in-game activities, and via the Referral program. You can use bonds to purchase unique items such as improved equipment, directives and rare vehicles. Gold is an in-game currency that you buy for real money or receive for completing special missions, such as Bootcamp. With gold, you can buy days of WoT Premium Account and Premium vehicles.


Currencies in Dauntless are used to purchase items for the game like armour, weapons, cosmetics (Hairstyles, Skins, Dyes), supplies, cells, items, boosts, mods and specials.


The main currency is Scrap. It can be used to purchase weapons and armour from vendors.

Grand Theft Auto V​​

Shark Cards are the game’s premium currency that you buy with your real-world funds, then apply to your in-game bank account to give yourself plenty of GTA$ spending money.


Creds are to be used during a match. They don’t have any real-world monetary value, but can be invaluable in-game. Earn them over the course of a match to buy useful items and abilities in the heat of battle. Valorant Points, or VP -allows to level up the contracts in the early stages, as well as letting you use your real-life money to put towards premium skins and Radianite Points. Radianite Points are an in-game currency specifically for jazzing up your firepower, allowing you to evolve your guns and take your arsenal to the next level. You can buy them from the Store using your VP.


Coins in Valheim are a currency that can be used to buy items such as fishing rods and lures,. Items can be used to craft a treasure chest. Coins can be obtained in several ways. Coins in Valheim can be found during world exploration where they are hidden in Burial Chambers or Buried Treasures. Sometimes they can also drop from Trolls. Coins can also be obtained by selling various valuable items to Haldor, such as silver necklaces, rubies, and amber pearls.

Call of duty

Call of Duty Points (CP) are the in-game currency that can be used in Modern Warfare to obtain new in-game content, including the Battle Pass, for use in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone game modes.

Raid Shadow legends

In Raid Shadow Legends, Silver is used to upgrade Artifacts, and summon new Champions. Gems are used to unlock and upgrade the mine – which gives you more gems – to buy Ancient Shards, and can be used to buy a variety of other currencies in the shop. Gems can also be bought for actual money in the shop. Energy is a resource which you have to spend to undertake pretty much any quest or mission. Energy regenerates up to your cap, so it’s worth making sure you use any excess energy above your cap, otherwise you won’t benefit from that regen. Energy refills can also be bought in the shop for gems. A good deal of these currencies can be earned through daily quests and challenges. Players can buy potions, XP boosts, and Clan Boss keys from the shop.

Brawlhalla game

Glory Coins can be earned in-game without spending any additional money (you cannot buy them at all no matter what pack you buy or how much in-game currency you purchase, this currency is exclusive to Ranked rewards). You cannot buy cosmetics with them, but you can buy colors, UI themes, taunts, and weapon skins using these coins from the ‘Ranked’ section of the Malhalla shop. The way to earn this currency is to play Ranked games of Brawlhalla. You are awarded the coins at the end of each Ranked season and it is based on two things: your maximum ‘Elo’ and the total number of how many Ranked matches that you won.

Gold is earned through gameplay, Daily Missions, login bonuses, the Brawl Of The Week challenges and the initial Tutorial. Gold cannot be purchased with real-world currency. Mammoth Coin is another currency. Mammoth coins cannot be earned in-game and are equivalent to real-world currency. They can be used to purchase legends, cosmetic items, and crossover characters. They can also be acquired through the purchasable gold track of each battle pass. Note that these coins won’t change the gameplay itself, and can’t give benefits to players. One mammoth coin is approximately equivalent to $0.05 USD

In conclusion

The more games your children play, the more gaming currencies they need to understand. It can be a challenge to keep track of all the currencies, how and where to buy them, when and how to use them and more. You may want to consider buying gaming currency for the their top played games and leaving currency out of the less frequently played games!