In-Game Currency Explained: Part 1

As parents, we are used to playing video games on the original Nintendo or Sega Genesis, however, to our children it’s like watching black and white television! As with all technology, the gaming landscape has drastically changed over the last number of years from in-game communication to in-game currency. Let’s review in-game currency in many of the games Kidas monitors.

In-game currency is already different than what parents are used to, but trying to understand all the different currency in different games is a challenge in and of itself! Let’s get started.

League of Legends has two main currencies: Blue Essence, known as BE and Riot Points, know as RP. Blue Essence is a currency that players accumulate over time through regular game play and through finishing missions. Riot Points are a purchased with money and are used to purchase other items in the game. Riot Points can be purchased through cards with activation codes in store or they can be purchased in the League of Legends shop with a credit card or PayPal account.

Next up is Minecraft. The in-game currency is called Mine Coins. They are used to by skins, texture packs, worlds and more from the Minecraft Marketplace. Minecraft Coins can be purchased through an Xbox LIVE account with a credit card.

Adopt Me!, the popular Roblox game, has its own in-game currency. The currency is called Bucks. They are used to buy in-game items such as food, toys, gifts, eggs and vehicles. Bucks are earned through fulfilling the baby or pet’s ailments or claiming regular pay checks in the game. A pay check is a reward for playing Adopt Me! Bucks can also be earned by collecting them from money from money trees. Since Adopt me! is on Roblox, you can also use Robux to buy Bucks.

The currency is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the US dollar. Earning money in the game enables users to buy weapons, skins and gear. Every game completed awards the user with a specific amount of money. Users can accumulate money as they achieve missions such as killing an enemy, rescuing a hostage or defusing a bomb.

In Rocket League, players use credits to customize the look of their vehicles. Within the game, there are 2 ways to earn credits.

  1. Players can buy them in the game store.
  2. Players purchase a Rocket Pass which is a system of the game where the games completes missions in the game.

Players can level up their Rocket Pass to earn credits, once the Rocket Pass has been purchased.

Dota 2 uses Shards as their form of in-game currency. Currency is used to purchase cosmetic items & tools.

World of Warcraft uses Gold as it’s in-game currency. Players earn gold by completing quests and missions, defeating enemies, and selling unwanted items to vendors. In the game, it is used to purchase items such as armour repairs, crafting reagents and the use of flight paths that ferry players to different locations.

In the game War Thunder, Lions are the main currency. You can earn Lions by completing achievements and challenges. The Lions can be used for purchasing new planes, repairing planes, buying new weapons, or modifications. Golden Eagles are the premium currency of War Thunder which can only be purchased. This currency is used to buy premium machines, faster crew development, additional places in a hangar, and reserve airplanes. Additionally, they can be used to buy the in-game currency of War Thunder: Silver Lions.

Destiny 2 has many different forms of currency. They are as follows:

  1. Glimmer is the most common type of currency. This currency is earned for almost every activity in the game. This includes completing all tasks, killing opponents, dismantling weapons and armour.
  2. Legendary Shards are obtained by disassembling weapons and armour of Legendary or Exotic class. They have a purple or gold background. Legendary Shards are used for a few purposes such as using modifications and infusions and during special events such as trading with the Xur vendor.
  3. Silver is a special currency which is exclusive and is purchased. This currency is spent on additional cosmetic items in the game.
  4. Bright Dust is awarded for performing certain bounty tasks and for dismantling cosmetic items such as vehicles, ships, ornaments and ghosts.

Apex Legends uses Apex Coins. The currency is used to purchase new cosmetic items for characters and weapons in the direct purchase shop. They can also be used to purchase cosmetic Apex Packs and to unlock new characters through the in-game store.

Team Fortress 2 uses Metal as their currency is often used as a trading currency by traders. It is traded for items according to their value in metal. For items with higher value, higher-level “currencies” are used. This higher currency is called Keys and can only be obtained by either buying them from the store or trading up to the next “tier” of currency.

Stay tuned for more gaming currency posts!