Slang, Slang and Slang

Slang is a branch of language consisting of informal, regionally-specific words which demonstrates the evolution of language and culture over time. The hip-hop music industry and popular media outlets are responsible for most of the slang terms used in the U.S. in recent years. Teen slang is constantly evolving and slang culture has come to dominate the social media world. Parents often struggle understand the meaning of slang terms when communicating with their children.

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Here are a few slangs that your kids might be saying:

1. “Bet

A common phrase to use instead of “OK” to convey mutual agreement or understanding.

Ex. “I just finished homework, let’s go play ball!” “Alright, bet”

2. “RIP

Expanding upon the common acronym for “rest in peace,”many teens use

this slang term to mean “oof” or “that sucks.”

Ex. “I flunked my math test!” “RIP”

3. “SMH

This is an acronym for “shaking my head” which is a phrase used to convey

shame or discontent.

Ex. “You don’t know how to use a snapchat filter? SMH”

4. “Flex

Term typically meaning to show off or brag.

Ex. “Big flex, I got an A in math class”

5. “Pop off

Similar to “slay” and “queen,” this phrase is meant as a compliment- Girls often use it to

compliment one another photos, emphasizing how good someone looks

Ex. “Yas girl, you look so good! Pop off!”

6. “Salty

Term used to describe another person who is bitter or upset about something that is not

considered a big deal.

Ex. “Bruh, I only took one of your fries, stop being salty about it.”

7. “Shooketh

Term meaning extreme shock. Teens will typically use “shooketh” to describe themselves

as being in more shock compared to the simpler term “shook.”

Ex. “I was shooketh when I found out I got an A+ on a test I thought I had failed.”

8. “Tea

“Tea” is a term usually proclaimed by teens when in support for gossip. Teens often say

“spill the tea,” meaning that they want to hear about the gossip.

Ex. “Kasey, spill the tea, I want to know what happened at the party last night!”

10. “OK, boomer

Teenagers regularly get annoyed with their boomer parents reminiscing about the good old

days. The phrase “OK, boomer” has become a popular saying meaning that

something is old and out-of-touch.

Ex. “Back in my day, gas was only one dollar!” “OK, boomer”

11. “Yeet

While in some circumstances “yeet” is used when throwing something at a high velocity, it

is more often used as an expression of disapproval.

Ex. “Do you think it’s OK to go to the mall during the pandemic?” “Yeet!”

12. “GOAT

This acronym stands for “greatest of all time.” It is typically used to describe someone

whose actions or personality dub them as legendary or awesome.

Ex. “Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball”

13. “Thicc

This term is typically used describe someone who has a curvy figure and

large butt. However, this word’s use has evolved to describe any object that is unusually

larger than the rest of its kind.

Ex. “OMG that grape is so big” “Yeah, it’s a thicc guy”

14. “Sus

Suspicious. Often used in text as an abbreviation for “suspicious” but has also become

more widely used in speech.

Ex. “Bruh, that guy was so sus”

15. “Shade

To make an underhanded, typically mean, remark about someone.

Ex. “I don’t mean to throw any shade, but your friend has been a bit annoying recently.”

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