Toxic Gaming Behavior: Offensive Language

 Your child insulted another player.

Let’s talk about offensive language in gaming. As parents, many of us try to keep our children away from offensive language, but then they play video games and we lose all control. Offensive language in video games is a form of verbal aggression. While parents are rightfully concerned about violence in video games, they should also be concerned about offensive language while playing video games. Pre-teens are using offensive language as it makes them feel “more mature” and grown up.

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How does offensive language in gaming affect kids?

Research has shown that offensive language results in more aggressive behavior. The more they use offensive language, they more they get heated in a game. Other teens feel uncomfortable when they hear offensive language in games and have a hard time understanding the context. Many gamers say that when they use offensive language they don’t mean any of it literally, but they cannot control how their language affects others. Curious what swear words are being used the most by gamers? See below.

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Recommendations on how to deal with offensive language

  1. Explain to your children in a calm and understanding fashion why you are not accepting of offensive language.
  2. Explain to them them what offensive language can do to others and how it can be interpreted
  3. Consider implementing a punishment for swear words
  4. Talk about different words you can use instead of crude words when in a particular situation
  5. Encourage a conversation with your children about what they think of others who use swear words

Examples of offensive language in gaming