What Your Child Can Learn From Gaming

Do you ever wonder what your child can learn from gaming? Contrary to popular belief, gaming is great for your child for many reasons!

Being a parent means a lifetime responsibility of teaching your children, but often, they are the ones teaching us. It extends to all areas of life, including technology. Having your youngster show you new things can be a great bonding experience for both of you. In this blog, Elizabeth Shields of SuperCleaning Louisville talks about how while online gaming gets a bad rep sometimes, there are many positive things she learned from it as a child.

Gaming Promotes Critical Problem-solving skills

Playing online games gives children a different perspective. It encourages them to think logically and creatively when they try to come up with out-of-the-box strategies for escape routes in quest-based games. They are working against the clock independently or with other gamers to solve a problem or complete a task. They have to be strategic in the choices they make, learning lessons in the game when they make the wrong one.

Gaming Develops Better Self-Confidence

When playing online games, your child has a specific goal, whether to set or beat the highest score or reach the next level. They need to complete tasks or defeat other players to do that. When they make little decisions and persevere to accomplish and win in these online games, they get validated and have increased self-esteem, leading them to believe they can do anything as long as they put their heart and mind to it.

Gaming Encourages Hand-Eye Coordination

Online games can be played with consoles, remote controls, a mouse, and keyboards. According to a study, playing online video games improves visuomotor control, better known as hand-eye coordination. After letting participants play a driving or first-person-shooter video game for 5 or 10 hours, the researchers found that their visuomotor control improved significantly. It’s because you’ve got to keep an eye on the screen while being able to react quickly, pressing the right keys to attack enemies or navigate your way in elaborate mazes. 

Gaming Leads the way in Developing Social Skills

It’s a typical misconception that children who are into online gaming are introverted and prefer solitary isolation. On the contrary, the online gaming community fosters teamwork, collaboration, and the option to form teams and alliances. According to videogames.org.au, over 70% of gamers play with a friend, by playing against each other or working cooperatively in a team. Sharing endless possibilities and experiences in the virtual realm creates a bond and friendship beyond the computer screen.

In addition, players can connect with other players locally or from different countries worldwide using the Internet. Many young people say they have forged lasting friendships with other players from all walks of life through playing online games. 

Balancing the good & the bad side of online games

Despite its many well-rounded benefits, online gaming can also have its downsides. Young children should always have parental supervision when selecting age-appropriate games and should use a protective software to keep their children safe. In addition, parents should still steer them away from highly violent content and protect them from online games that involve gambling or compromise their cybersecurity.

In addition, too much of something will always be bad. For example, playing online games should always be done in moderation and should never be used as an escape or way to cope with unresolved emotions; otherwise, it may lead to video game addiction


When it comes to your child and gaming, keep an open mind about the benefits that come along with gaming. Social interaction, increased hand-eye coordination, increased self-confidence and a better understanding of problem-solving skills are just the tip of the iceberg. Take some time to learn more about the games your kids play and spend some time playing with them to see what it’s all about!

Elizabeth Shields is passionate about parenting, home improvement, wellness, and sustainability topics. She is a married mother of two and apart from writing, enjoys spending her time with her family and friends.